What is vanth Security?

Vanth Security is a cybersecurity tool designed for developers and cybersecurity analysts that
enables the development of secure applications through its code generation and modelling
technology which is easily integrated into the software development cycle.
Its value proposition is based on a cybersecurity tool capable of preventing, analysing and
solving vulnerabilities in a customized way, thanks to code generation and modelling. Saving
time and costs.

What is secure software development?

Talking about secure development is to talk about good practices in the creation and
development life of software in order to avoid vulnerabilities.

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How can Vanth Security help secure development?

When a development is considered insecure it can be for several reasons, some of them can

1º Developers have not followed the security standards which are set or have not carried out
sufficient functional tests to ensure that the development is secure. Often due to lack of time.

2º A hacker has found a vulnerability in the code and has been able to access the application.

3º Human failure while using the application.

The tool would consist of three products that will solve or help to mitigate some of the
problems caused, securing the applications from the begining.

The first product will be able to generate secure code in any language the developer selects, as
well as meeting OWASP security standards. This will provide the foundation of secure
development to the developer, saving a huge amount of time.

The second and the third producto Will be focused on detecting vulnerabilities in real time,
being able to take time-saving action and fix them.

How does Vanth Security integrate into DevSecOps?

Vanth facilitates security during the software implementation phase by integrating and
providing a solid and secure foundation from which to start when creating an application. In
addition, it incorporates security unit tests throughout the software lifecycle.